Garden Club Federation of Pennsylvania

District II/III Meeting Wednesday, June 7, 2023

District II/III location on PA Map

List of Clubs in District II/III 

GCFP 93rd Convention "Thyme to Garden" April 21-23, 2023

Parkland Garden Club members attended the GCFP Convention in Monroeville and enjoyed meeting up with fellow garden club members from other districts in Pennsylvania as well as all the speakers and workshops that were paart of the event.

GCFP Trash to Treasure Contest - PGC Entries and Winner!

Submitted by Claire and Casimir Kukielka

We had 3 entries for the Trash to Treasure Contest from our group at the February meeting.  All had to follow the guidelines below to be considered for the contest. Members who attended the meeting voted on their preferred entry, which will represent the Parkland Garden Club at the contest for District II/III at the meeting in March. 

Update! Nancy Smith received an Honorable Mention for her sculpture entry at the State Convention! Congratulations!

Submitted by Brenda Aubert

PGC and District II/III Winner

Submitted by Nancy Smith

District II/III Meeting September 14, 2022

All the presidents of the Garden Clubs gave a President Report at the GCFP District II/III meeting on Sept. 14, 2022. Claire gave the president's report and Barbara gave a report as outgoing corresponding secretary and chair of the Smokey Bear/Woodsy Owl contest. Cynthia, Ways and & Means Chair , sold raffle tickets and gave out baskets to the winners. Members Carol, Helen, Marsha and Nassar also attended the District II/III meeting. Cynthia will head Ways & Means again next year. Past President Brenda will step in as Treasurer for District II/III. Barbara will be involved with The Garden Club Federation of Pennsylvania (GCFP). Thank you to Cynthia, Brenda and Barbara for stepping up to help at District and GCFP.