Garden Tour

About this activity:

An annual event, the club’s Garden Tour embraces a new theme each year and showcases a variety of local gardens. This tour is the primary fundraising activity for the club.  Club members solicit donations for a silent auction, contact and visit potential garden owners, create the program and provide publicity.  Two club members are stationed at each garden during the tour to sell and stamp tour books.

Parkland Garden Club Tour July 15, 2023

Parkland Garden Club held their 24th Annual Garden Tour themed "Time to Garden" on Saturday, July 15th. The tour was a huge success, with many guests enjoying the lush and beautiful gardens that were scheduled on the tour list. PGC thanks all who were a part of this wonderful event.

PGC Members hosting at the gardens:

Photos of the beautiful gardens on the tour:

PGC friends enjoying the after-party:

Parkland Garden Club Tour July 16, 2022

We were blessed with a beautiful day to have our tour. The weather was not too hot and no rain. The turnout was over 300 which was the best ever. The feedback I received from people was all positive. They said how friendly and nice everyone was on the tour. Not only did people like the gardens on the tour but the homes that were on the tour as well. As I was reflecting about each garden on the tour, I realized that each gardener did their own work; none were professionally done.

There were surprises at different houses.
Steve Adams graciously opened his home on the day of the tour and his brother brought his 1929 Ford Model A.

Janice Boehm makes special cages to discourage the rabbits in her yard and decorates them with a jewel on top. She gave one away to some lucky person.

At the Stringer house the 110 year old oak tree decided to fall down the Friday before the tour. We decided the tour should go on. WFMZ did their interview which aired the day before the tour and Saturday at 6:00 am the day of the tour at this garden. Music enhanced the atmosphere of this garden.

Jan Pavelco shared her cooking skills by selling her cookbook, and her sewing skills by selling aprons and purses. Her neighbor Teri Hope opened her garden on the day of the tour and had a plant sale, so technically we had 10 gardens on our tour.

Take a moment to enjoy this video of the beautiful gardens that were a part of the Parkland Garden Club "Love of Gardening" Tour held on July 16, 2022. The video was created by Brenda Aubert showcasing the wonderful photos taken at the event.