Night to Shine

Shown is our own Parkland Garden Club Member Megan Stanley attending the February 10, 2023 Night to Shine Prom!

About this activity:

This annual event occurring in February, close to Valentine’s Day, provides a prom night experience encouraging and celebrating people with special needs. It is open to ages 14 years and older. Our club donates materials and makes corsages for this event.

Making Corsages on November 11, 2023 for 2024 Night to Shine Prom

Parkland Garden Club members met at Cynthia Dunton's house on November 11th to create beautiful silk corsages and boutonnieres that will be donated to all attendees of the upcoming Night to Shine Prom held in February 2024. Members brought their glue guns and creative skills for the task.  After the work, everyone relaxed enjoyed lunch provided by Cynthia.