Horticulture Therapy 

About this committee:

Members of this committee have worked with residents of Luther Crest personal care facility and South Whitehall Township senior group to provide special programs with activities related to plants and gardening. The club donates the plants and materials for these events.

Holiday Horticultural Activity at Luther Crest November 29, 2023

PGC Horticulture Therapy Committee, led by Mary Stanley, held a workshop for residents at Luther Crest Retirement Community on Wednesday, November 29th. The team helped participants make bird feeders out of tea cups with materials donated by Parkland Garden Club. The club also provided a cake, drinks, and snacks for the residents and afterwards sang holiday songs.  The residents enjoyed the project, the refreshments, chatting with garden club members, and taking part in the sing-a-long. Thank you to President Claire, Megan, Evelyn, Carol, Patti, Helen and Mary for making this a happy event and a big "Thank You" to the helpful and caring staff at Luther Crest for all of their support.

Kind and helpful Luther Crest staff members Sue and Edward

Memorial Day Horticultural Activity at Luther Crest May 26, 2023

A group of 12 Parkland Garden Club Members and 4 staff members presented a "Happy Memorial Day" themed activity on Friday, May 26th for 22 residents of Luther Crest.  Members assisted the participants with planting succulents in teacups for their rooms. They then had a Memorial Day quiz, a National Moment of Rememberance (moment of silence), sang a few patriotic songs and shared light refreshments. 

Members who helped were - Donna Wagner, Nancy Schrader, Debbie Topp, Bonnie Keller, Nancy Smith,Claire Kukielka, Joan Balla, Debbie Barhight, Evelyn Broad, Barbara Campbell, Megan and Mary Stanley.

St. Patrick's  Horticultural Activity at South Whitehall Township March 9, 2023

*Photo courtesy of the Parkland Press taken by photographer Michael Hirsh 

Parkland Garden Club members Megan Stanley, Mary Stanley, Deb Pinto and Evelyn Broad hosted a St. Patrick’s recycling horticultural activity with South Whitehall Township senior activities group.

The first project shared with them was planting a succulent garden in an antique teacup and saucer. The succulents were Lace Aloe, Ghost and Burro. This Burro plant is a descendent of over a sixty year old plant.

The second project was a water garden of Pothos cuttings in a Ball canning jar. Participants were also taught how to create a florist's bow. We ended with a fun quiz. It was a very enjoyable afternoon☘️

*Photo courtesy of the Parkland Press taken by photographer Michael Hirsh