Planting and Maintenance of the Butterfly Garden

About this committee:

The Butterfly Garden is an on-going project that provides visual enjoyment for numerous visitors to a large park and recreation area at Covered Bridge Park and Wehr's Dam. The Club donates the plants and the township provides mulch for the garden. Planting, trimming and general maintenance are done monthly by the team throughout the growing season.

Spring Mulching 2023

On May 3, 2023 PGC Butterfly Garden Co-chairs Donna Wagner and Janet Minnich met with committee members Maria Dax, Claire Kukielka and Helen Papathanasiou to spread mulch on the garden at Covered Bridge Park. They were assisted by Bill Dax who helped out with his wheelbarrow as well as a team of Boy Scout Troop members. The garden is now ready to have annuals planted to beautify the space.

Spring Clean-up 2023

On April 12, 2023, members of the Butterfly Garden Committee, along with Donna Wagner who is Co-Chair with Janet Minnich, were greeted by a fantastic display of daffodils blooming after a long winter in the garden at Covered Bridge Park. The group brought along rakes, brooms and trowels to clean and tidy up the area to prepare for planting annuals and applying mulch next month. A big thank you to Donna Wagner, Claire Kukielka, Patti Molitoris, Donna Wagner, Maria Dax, Helen Papathanasiou and Gail Micca for all their effort beautifying the garden!

End of Summer 2022

With summer closing out, club members met and under the guidance of committee co-chair Donna to cut back perennials and shrubs and clear the garden beds to prepare for the colder months ahead.